Rehearsal Images

The Lady of the Lake and Sir Galahad  - Oh Wow !

Scenery Construction

IKEA may have the market of Flat pack furniture but we think we've cornered the market on flat pack castles !

Dance Rehearsals


Historian:   Sam Marsh

Mayor:    Ann Skelly

Arthur:   Stephen Johnson

Patsy:   Johnathan Barnett 

Pedantic Guard 1:   John Drinkwater

Pedantic Guard 2:   Steve Clark

Robin:    Josh Kay

Lancelot:   Paul Wheeler

Not Dead Fred:  David Lovesy

Dennis/Galahad:   Andrew Winder

Dennis’ Mum:   David Lovesy

Lady of the Lake:   Sara Wheeler

Sir Not Appearing:   celeb TBC

Bedevere:    Steve Brigden

French Taunter:   John Drinkwater

French Guard 1:   Sean McDermott

French Guard 2:   David Lovesy

Knight of Ni:   Sean McDermott

Black Knight:   Carl Defriend

Concorde (also monk):  Samantha Bradford

Herbert’s Father:   Sean McDermott

Thick Guard 1:   Steve Clark

Thick Guard 2:   Mike Rutter

Tim The Enchanter:   David Lovesy

Sir Bors:   Steve Clark

Brother Maynard:   Carl Defriend

Herbert:   Keith Lennox

Rabbit Operator:   Samantha Bradford

Monk 1:   Steve Brigden

Monk 2:   Samantha Bradford

Monk 3:   Annette Probert

Monk 4:   Sam Marsh

Where We Rehearse

The Rehearsal Schedule can be VIEWED from here