ETC are devastated to think we haven't got anything planned!

SPAMALOT is taking up so much of our focus that we haven't thought about what to do next! Oh God! Does this mean we have run out of ideas?

Of course not. It means you are given a chance to suggest a guaranteed bums on seat winner for us.

Alternatively you could suggest a dramatically challenging show for us to do.

So whether your bag is Musical, Shakespeare, Farce, Comedy, Tragedy, or Soap style Drama you get a chance to make a suggestion. That doesn't guarantee we will do it, but we will read each and every suggestion and consider them.......Seriously!

So far suggestions have included:-

Oh what a Lovely War!

On the Piste (be serious it includes a ski slope!)

Any adaptation of a Terry Pratchett book (30 odd scenes, special effects, loads of characters? OK!)

Romanoff & Juliet (Come on, it is a town square with 2 story buildings the fronts of which have to fly!)

Not Now Darling!(We can't do that, it has scantily clad ladies running around...can we?)

No Sex Please we're British (Ditto)

The Mating Game (All right, STOP. I can see where this is going)

Sensible suggestions please (Oh dear, what am I saying?) to the "contact us" page